Permanent Insurance

Hate the thought of buying something you might never use? Consider Permanent Insurance.

While term insurance covers you only for a specified period of time, permanent insurance covers you indefinitely, and will pay no matter how old you are when you die.

But that’s just one of the reasons to consider it as part of your overall investment portfolio.

Permanent insurance can also be a good choice when you want to:

  • Make sure that the costs of your final medical bills and funeral will be covered
  • Ensure your spouse will have sufficient cash after you die and/or your pension is diminished
  • Guarantee that your children will have an inheritance
  • Provide money to pay capital gains or estate taxes so that your beneficiaries can keep assets when you die and not have to sell some to pay the taxes

Want to learn more? Contact Wouter today for more information about permanent insurance including whole life and universal life coverage options.

* Life insurance arranged through Zanen Financial Corporation and/or Global Pacific.