Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance helps provide replacement income if you are unable to work because of sickness or injury.

Disability insurance can help:

  • Replace lost income
  • Subsidize living expenses while you are unable to work
  • Provide security for your family

Benefits are calculated as a percentage of your usual salary and are tax-free (unless premiums are deducted as a business expense).

Coverage Options

Disability insurance allows you to choose from several options including:

  • The monthly income you receive while on disability
  • You can receive disability benefits from 2 years to the age of 70
  • The waiting period before your first payment
  • Top-up benefits if you are unable to perform your old job but can still work in another role
  • Cost of living option to insure that your benefits keep pace with cost of living increases

There are many different disability insurance options available. Contact Wouter today for more information.

* Life insurance arranged through Zanen Financial Corporation and/or Global Pacific.